Malta also includes the islands of Gozo and Comino; this archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea lies between Sicily, Tunisia and Libya. Old Latin customs, a well-established European culture, the joviality and patience of the east blend harmoniously with the Anglo-Saxon rigour of nearly 150 years of British Empire legacy. That is the spirit of this place! In the smallest European country, modernity and island identity mix. There are some fabulous places for diving and numerous wild coves to discover.

Weather: The sailing season stretches from May to October with the Mistral and Sirocco winds in late summer.

Sailing Conditions: With its Mediterranean climate, Malta offers excellent sailing conditions for most of the year. The months of April to October are the best times renting a yacht. Be aware that the winds can be quite strong at certain times.


Practical Information

Flights: Only two and a half hours from Paris or London. Air Malta, the national airline, offers seasonal daily flights to Malta from to Valletta. Air Berlin and Ryanair also offer direct flights. Ticket prices €120 to €300

Papers: valid passport, visa not required for nationals of EU countries.

Time zone: CET

Language: Maltese and English are official languages

Currency: Euro €

Vaccination: No vaccines are required to enter Malta